Friday, August 26, 2016

Nature's Bounty Chicken/Hen Cards

Hello my crafty friends!
Isn't this Nature's Bounty a beautiful collection!!!
Yes, the Milk Churn is made of paper!!

Check out Lee's blog about her interesting story
and her Milk Churn that she made from this kit.
Click on the link below

The egg box is so fun and looks so real!
Love all the canning labels and the seed pocket card is adorable.

Think of all the happy people that would love to receive these unique
handmade gifts. :)  
A must kit for any crafter! 

 This is Bird's sample card with the matching envelope.
Darling cutout Chicken envelope!

Today I would like to share these adorable Chicken cards
from Bird's "Nature's Bounty svg collection" that I made. 
So fun and easy to make these darling cards and you can
switch out colors and patterned papers for a totally different look.
I chose black and white dots with red for my color scheme and love it.
I just happened to have the rolling pin sticker and thought
it looked cute on the nest. I stamped the sentiment from Mary's stamp collection.

I was inspired to make these Chicken cards because, when I was small we
had a Chicken named Betsy Lou. Everyday like clockwork she would peck
on the window or start clucking really loud. We had a
chair ready with her pillow on it so when we opened the window, she knew
right where to sit to lay her egg. She always left us a large beautiful brown egg and when
she was ready to go, she would slip quietly out the back window.
It was so much fun to collect her warm eggs and oh my, were they delicious.
We didn't live on a farm, but we had many farm animals.

I remember one time when we went to Farmers Market in Los Angeles for lunch.
It was near Easter and they had all the chickens, lambs and goats there. Well,
you know which one I eyed, was the darling baby goats. I thought I had
talked my mom into getting this little one until my Dad arrived. He said, ok
it's either the goat or me and finished lunch and left.
Well....what can I really wanted the tiny cute baby goat and
my mom was so easy to convince without my dad there that I kept begging.

Soooo we arrived home with this sweet baby tiny goat.  Boy, when my dad got
home, he hit the roof. He said, you know we don't live on a farm and
have no pasture for a goat to run in and it will get BIG.
My dad calmed down after he started petting the goat and asked me
what I was going to name her. haha

Well, we kept Molly in the garage at night and in the morning I would take her out in
our small backyard. After she went potty, I brought her in for a few minutes to play. We
had stairs and boy did she like to run up them, but coming down was another thing. lol

We had lots of fun, but when she started to grow horns and buck our glass door, it
was time to think of a better home for her.

My father checked around and found a farm that would take her for a pet. It was a big farm
and the day that we arrived, it was a sad but happy day. The farmer said he
would be happy to have Molly join his goats that were family pets and she would be
loved and well cared for. We hugged her goodbye with tears in our eyes, but I think my dad
was happy, for I didn't see tears in his eyes. :)  When it was time to go, we drove out the long fenced driveway and she followed us all the way to the end of the fence.
 I'll always remember her sweet little face and happy times and also
 know that she got a great home to grow up in.
Sweet memories!

Birds FREE svg Gift tag

Here's a beautiful flower gift tag Free from Bird!
Click on the link below

That's all for another day my friends.
I hope that I inspired you once again and  you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.
Have a happy weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Club Tropicana 3D Cocktail Cards

Hi everyone!
It's been sooo hot here in Apple Valley that I just had to share
these super cute tropical cards with everyone.
 Makes you feel like
your sitting under the umbrella sipping a cool Tropical delight.

I'm sitting at my computer with the air on. lol
For my Birthday my kids surprised me with a 36" TV for the family room.

So, my son set up my old 32" in my office to my computer.

Yes, I now have a VERY LARGE computer screen!

I don't need glasses anymore! Haha

This sweet card is from Birds "Club Tropicana svg collection kit"

I used the same lemon design paper for the inside of the envelope.
Perfect card for that special occasion or event.  A very easy and fun
card to make and with the matching envelope makes it complete.

Love Birds card with the pineapple background paper and pretty topical scene.
Makes you feel like your on a Tropical Island :)
It sure feel like a Tropical Island here in Apple Valley. My fruit trees
need a Big umbrella to protect them from the intense heat...110 whew!

I had the perfect background papers for these delightful card.
I love them both!

You can mix and match your papers for a totally different look.
Certainly a delightful card for anyone to receive.

Get the complete collection by clicking on the link below.
Gorgeous set!

 FREE Flowers svg from Birdscards!
Click on the link below

Hope I've inspired you today with these bright and beautiful topical cards. Check out
the complete collection!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Game Day 3D Marquee Football Lighted Signs

Hi there my crafty friends!

Don't you just love these sign!!
What a way to make a touchdown crafting these incredible game
day Marquee lighted signs from Mary did a
fantastic job creating these files from her "Game Day Marquee Signs kit"
Link below

I used smoke lights and created the Buccaneers logo 's for my
daughter's husband that is a really big fan for the Buccaneers. It
 looks fantastic with all the lights at night and it's 3D.

The kit contains allthe sports signs from Mary's kit below.

I can't wait to start making the whole kit!
Great gifts for sports fans!!

Here's another one with the Bears logo that I made in ecal program.

They will be a huge success to any sports fan.
Very easy instructions, step by step video that is included in the kit.

I used blue lights around, but you can use anyone color that you desire. I got them
at Michaels and they had smoke, clear, pink and blue. I'm sure you
could get the lights on amazon or other online stores.
Super fun project!

Click on the link below to get the whole kit FREE with purchase.

How about a FREE svg from svgcuts!

Click on the link below for the FREE svg

That's it folks for another crafty week!
Have a great weekend and I hope you get in the game
and make these fabulous marquee signs.
Happy crafting!


Monday, July 25, 2016

For My Mum Cameo Easel Cards by Bird

Hello Hello Hello!
I have some exciting news to share with everyone today.
I have officially joined Birds design team!!!

Bird from has asked me to join her Design team.  
I will be featuring her delightful creations. I am so thrilled, because I love
everything she makes. She is so talented and creates with great detail and care
and also shares a tutorial for each of her kits.
Come along with me and join in the fun. You will fall in Love with them too!

Isn't this simply Beautiful!!
It's from Birds "For My Mum kit" link below.
These are WOW cards when finished!

Here's a close up with the added gems on the silhouette.
A stunning card!
Change the sentiment for any occasion.

My Mum SVG Collection!
Gorgeous kit
Click on the link below to get this kit.

This is Birds sample of the Easel card from the kit. So pretty and
bright for a mother or someone very special on your list.

I made this one using Graphic 45 paper and cream background. This
card goes together perfectly with her step by step instructions. You can use any patterned paper
and sentiment and they will look completely different. They
fold up for mailing and display beautifully. Anyone that receives this
card will be amazed and cherish it for a long time.

This is a close up showing the added gems to the silhouette.
So lovely and so unique!

I love how this blue one turned out and the pattered paper is just perfect.
So lovely!

Another close up with the added gems. Pearls would be very pretty also. You
can decorate it just the way you want.
Fabulous cards and kit for all you crafter out there.

How about these delightful FREE Birdcages & birds from Birds!!
She has tons of Freebies!
Click on the link below to get the FREE Birdcages!

That's it for another day my friends.
I hope that I've inspired you once again.
Keep watching for more beautiful and unique creations.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Worlds Best Mom Typewriter Box Cards

Hello my crafty friends!

Today I would like to share this unique Typewriter box card with you.
The file comes from
This is Mary's typewriter box card.
Such a perfect card for a mom or for any occasion.

World's Best Mom kit!
Click below to get the whole kit.

My first card I made using burgundy and apple printed paper. This
would make a delightful card for any teacher or instructor.
Super easy and quick to make as you can tell by
how many I made. I wanted to make one in all the rainbow colors
but my puppy started barking for her playtime. lol
After seeing Mary's pink card, I just had to make one similar.
Love the pink!

Of course I had to make a black and white one.
Sooo elegant!

You can make them in any colors and they look fabulous.
Super fun and unique cards and perfect for any occasion.

How about a FREE DAISY svg  from svgcuts!

Click below for Daisy

That's it for another day my friends.
I hope this inspires you to start making these super cute box cards.

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seamstress Sewing Cards by Bird

Hello my crafting friends!

I hope everyone is having a fun summer. It's been in the 120's here
in Apple Valley. My fruit tree's really don't care for this extreme heat.
I just picked my Alberta peaches and they are delicious. I've shared
many with my neighbors and friends.

Today I would like to share a couple of adorable cards.
They are from the "Seamstress" kit by Bird.
Click on the link below to get this kit.

This card was so easy and quick to make and would be adorable
for anyone that loves sewing or is just beginning.

I made the base for this card burgundy, but you can choose most
any color for this unique card. Super fun and quick to make.
Love this kit!

This is another one from the Seamstress kit that is so cute.
Also quick and fun to assemble with Bird's great step
by step video.

This spool of thread is simply adorable and so unique.
The picture doesn't do it justice. It's so much cuter in person.
What a super collection of special cards for someone to

This is one my favorites from the kit. The design is pretty and I
really like the flower cutouts. Another winner that will
bring a smile to the recipient.
Great collection and fun projects to keep any crafter busy.

Here are some FREE Easel cards by Bird.
Click on the link below

That's it for today my friends.
I hope that I've inspired you once again.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stained Glass Lamp

Hello my friends~

Today I would like to share this beautiful stained glass lamp with you.
Yes, it's a real lamp working lamp.
This gorgeous lamp is from Mary's 
 "Boho Butterflies svg kit"
Click below to get the complete collection.
I colored each vellum section using my Bic colored pens. Mary used Copic
markers which seemed to blended more evenly.She also added black details on the dragon fly and I chose not to. You can use most any markers that
you have and it will still turn out beautiful. This project is time consuming but
well worth the work.

This is the top showing all the vivid colors.
I used a lighted candle set inside of the brown base. There is an opening
for the cord on the bottom of the base, so you can plug it in. I would suggest a led light that
doesn't get warm, even though it doesn't touch the paper just to be safe.
I simply love my gorgeous lamp and when I turn it on it's even more stunning.
I hope that I've inspired you so you may make this gorgeous lamp too.
You won't be sorry and you'll have so many compliments.
This is a WOW project!
This is one of the Stained Glass Butterflies that I made. You can use many
different colored papers to achieve a completely different butterfly.
There are about 7 full layers, so it's easy to make.
I placed a magnet on the back to put on a fridge or file cabinet.
Beautiful svg file from Miss Kates!
Click below
That's it my friends for another day.
Have a great week!